The Governors of California, Oregon and Washington signed an Agreement in 2006 to protect Ocean Health which became known as the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA). Marine debris was identified as a priority and in 2008 the Marine Debris Action Coordination Team (ACT) was launched and tasked to generate a West Coast Marine Debris Strategy to address marine debris along the West Coast. A West Coast Marine Debris Alliance was formed to implement the Strategy.

The Marine Debris Alliance is a diverse coordinating body that adds value by breaking barriers between state agencies, federal government, NGOs, and industry to advance actions that implement the Strategy. The body adds value by providing a conduit to a higher level of government decision making and provides a means to further efficient action in addressing marine debris by identifying gaps, finding funding, focusing attention on priorities, sharing information on effective actions, tracking work in standardized ways, coordinating education, and measuring progress towards goals.

Our objectives:
  • Provide a forum for communication and sharing of information, resources, and tools among those working to reduce marine debris on the West Coast.
  • Elevate the issue of marine debris throughout the region in ways that drive action.
  • Develop and support projects that advance recommended actions of the Strategy and address emergent marine debris issues.
  • Monitor and assess progress on curtailing marine debris on the West Coast.
  • Secure funding for Alliance projects.
  • Identify and work towards policy changes.